The 13th Goddess

A Tale of Atlantis
Priscilla Hurd

Priscilla Hurd always had a dream of finding a lost civilization.  She started this novel twenty-seven years ago and then put it aside in a worn brown folder.  Her travels around the world, especially to the ancient sites of Knossos and Santorini (Thera). and her visits to the Far East and Middle East awakened her love of mythology, which led to her quest for Atlantis and the writing of
"The 13th Goddess."

Priscilla moved to Florida and was intrigued by the native legends of ancient sites and power sources.  This led her to pick up that old brown folder and discover that Atlantis lay not in the recesses of her imagination, but in her own backyard.

"The 13th Goddess" is a tale of romance, passion, discovery, and mortality, spanning time and space from the burning sands and intrigue of the contemporary Middle East to the lost, shimmering city that was Atlantis.

Travel with Dawn Papas, an American archaeologist who searches for clues of the fabled city of Atlantis in the ancient temples of Knossos and Thera, to the sandy shores of the Bahamas and Florida.

With each chiming of the sacred Temple bells, Dawn Papas is drawn back to her long forgotten life as the High Priestess Aspacia, who ruled in the glorious and doomed city of Atlantis - And of her insatiable love for General Darius.

"The 13th Goddess"

A love so electrifying and enduring - 
it destroyed an Empire and spanned Eternity.


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